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Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

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Whether you are searching for commercial pressure washing, commercial pressure cleaning or power washing for HOA’s, to us they all mean the same thing. A deep and thorough high pressure cleaning of Neighborhood’s commercial pavers,  or commercial pressure washing services for business and shopping centers .

We can do so much more than just clean pavers, we finish the job with a sealant that will resist future mildew and mold. Power washing with our proprietary paver sealer will result in years of maintenance free pavers.

You Can Only Get Our Special Florida Paver Sealers at Accurate and More.

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Areas we focus on are: (HOA) home owners associations commercial pressure washing and paver sealing, Commercial office and shopping center pressure washing and school and government building pressure washing services.

It takes an experienced company to safely pressure wash, clean and seal your concrete pavers, natural stone pavers or most any type of hard surface.

Here is a list of surfaces that we specialize in:


  • Pressure Washing Pavers
  • Pressure Washing Stone
  • Pressure Washing Wood and soft surfaces
  • Pressure Cleaning Awnings
  • Pressure Washing Roofs
  • Power Washing Homes
  • Pressure Washing Driveways
  • Pressure Washing Cement Surfaces
  • Power Washing Glass and plastic
  • Pressure Washing Vinyl
  • Pressure Cleaning Stucco

Pressure Washing in Southwest Florida is not an easy task. You must really understand the tolerances of each unique surface you are cleaning. Hiring the wrong pressure washing company will result in more damage than you started with. Understanding the surface you are pressure washing and the chemicals required to effectively clean that specific material will result in a professionally cleaned job. Call Accurate Pavers today for a free quote on all your pressure washing needs.

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